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Space Era is an original multiverse created in 1990 by Steve Manzie.
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 Starbase Specifications Template

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PostSubject: Starbase Specifications Template   Sun Feb 19 2017, 22:35

This is a template in order to create starbase specifications.  ALL starbases in Space Era are created using the starbase design spreadsheets.

Class Name:
Type Designation:
- Length:
- Beam:
- Height:
- Decks:
Crew Compliment:
Troop Capacity:
Cargo Capacity:
Power Plants:
Defence Systems:
- Shields:
- Armour:
- Hull:
- Structural Integrity Field:
- Cloaking Device:
Miscellaneous Systems:
- ECM:
- Tachyon Sensor Array:
- Science Laboratories:
- Medical Beds:
Combat Strength Index:
Small Craft:
- Short Range Shuttlepods:
- Boarding Pods:
- Atmospheric Shuttlecraft:
- Runabouts:
- Diplomatic Couriers:
- Cargo Shuttles:
- Personnel Transport Shuttles:
- Medical Shuttles:
- Light Drop Ships:
- Heavy Drop Ships:
- Fighters:
External Docking Ports
Internal Docking Capacity
Production Cost:
Annual Maintenance Cost:
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Starbase Specifications Template
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