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Space Era is an original multiverse created in 1990 by Steve Manzie.
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 Galaxies of Space Era

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PostSubject: Galaxies of Space Era   Wed Feb 15 2017, 18:53

Here is a list of galaxies of Space Era in active development:

GalaxyDiameterSectorsStrat. Star SystemsCivilizations
Andromeda220,000 LY121 million1.936 billion484,000
Pinwheel170,000 LY72.25 million1.156 billion289,000
Milky Way100,000 LY25 million400 million100,000
Therastan80,000 LY16 million256 million64,000
Triangulum60,000 LY9 million144 million36,000
Alderon20,000 LY1 million16 million4,000
Kaliran20,000 LY1 million16 million4,000
Larger Magellanic Cloud14,000 LY490,0007.84 million2,000
Smaller Magellanic Cloud7,000 LY122,5001.96 million500
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Galaxies of Space Era
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