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Space Era is an original multiverse created in 1990 by Steve Manzie. This Forum is for the discussion and development of the Space Era universe.
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 Shuttles and Small Craft

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PostSubject: Shuttles and Small Craft   Thu Nov 02 2017, 20:05

There are a number of different classifications of small craft in service throughout various regions of Space Era.  Herein is a rough breakdown of each type and it's role.

Shuttlepod -Less than 2 tonnes -Cargo/Personnel Transport -Generally none -Up to 3 to 4 weeks at minimum capacity -
Shuttlecraft -Generally 2 - 5 tonnes -Cargo/Personnel Transport -Low velocity -Up to 5 to 6 weeks -
Long-Range Shuttle -Generally less than 20 tonnes -Cargo/Personnel Transport -Medium to high velocity -Up to 6 to 8 weeks -
Personnel Shuttlecraft -Generally less than 20 tonnes -Personnel Transport -Low to medium velocity -Up to 5 to 6 weeks -
Cargo Shuttlecraft -Generally less than 20 tonnes -Cargo Transport -Low to medium velocity -Up to 5 to 6 weeks -
Medical Shuttlecraft -Generally less than 20 tonnes -Emergency medical care / Search and rescue-Low to medium velocity -Up to 4 to 6 weeks -
Work Pod / Utility Pod -Generally less than 2 tonnes -Starship and starbase maintenance -None -Minimal -
Runabout -Generally 100 to 200 tonnes -Long-Range cargo/personnel transport -Medium to high velocity -Up to 2 months at minimum capacity -
DropshipRange from a few tonnes, to several hundred tonnes -Troop deployment -NoneMinimal
Fighter -Generally less than 50 tonnes -Anti-Fighter / Anti-Starship -Generally none -Minimal
Fighter Interceptor -Generally less than 50 tonnes -Anti-Fighter / Anti-Bomber -Generally none -Minimal -
Starfighter -Generally less than 100 tonnes -Anti-Fighter / Anti-Starship -Medium to high -Up to 3 to 6 weeks -
Heavy Fighter -Generally 100 to 200 tonnes -Anti-Fighter / Anti-Starship -Generally none, or low -Up to 3 to 4 weeks -
Bomber -Generally 100 to 300 tonnes -Anti-Starship / Anti-Starbase / Bombardment -Generally none, or low -Up to 3 to 4 weeks -
Escape Pod / Lifeboat -Generally less than 4 tonnes -Starship evacuation -None -Up to 3 to 4 weeks -

I am Steve, the creator of Space Era.

Check out my [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], let me know what you think, and if there's anything you want me to add / expand on.
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Shuttles and Small Craft
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