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Space Era is an original multiverse created in 1990 by Steve Manzie.
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PostSubject: RULES AND GUIDELINES   Tue Jan 14 2014, 04:38

These are some rules and guidelines on how to behave on this forum:

RULES: Breaking these rules will warrant action from the moderation / administration team, varying from a slap on the wrist to a ban.

These will be updated over time.

1: Be thoughtful and considerate to other members.
2: No spamming.  People on this forum are not here to buy your products
3: No trolling.
4: Have respect for others.  Not everybody has the same viewpoint, it would be a boring world if we did.  Just because your views differ from another's, does not give you the right to be rude and/or ignorant.
5: Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.  This includes discrimination based on race, religion, gender, orientation, or anything else.
6: No images must be posted that may be considered pornographic or offensive.  Such images will be removed, and the culprit disciplined.
7: Threats made against another person will not be tolerated.
8: If you feel that another member has in any way behaved in an inappropriate manner, inform a member of the Administration/Moderation team, who will look into it and take appropriate action.
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PostSubject: Re: RULES AND GUIDELINES   Sat Jul 15 2017, 15:01

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